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Bowen Therapy by Patty Faught

What is Bowen
Bowen Therapy

Clients and Bowen Therapy

Bowen therapy, or the Bowen technique, is a non-invasive, complementary holistic therapy. It targets certain points on the body with gentle rolling movements to help it balance, repair and reset itself. Clients are believed to experience energy recovery, a reduction in pain and an improvement of function.

Bowen Therapy DOES make a difference!

The Bowen Technique is a gentle, relaxing and highly effective hands-on therapy that can be very beneficial in addressing stress and anxiety-related conditions. By affecting the central nervous system, Bowen helps to re-balance the body at a cellular level, promoting a reduction in stress levels, muscle tension relief, recovery of energy, healing and repair.

The unique Bowen moves trigger the brain to switch off the ‘fight or flight’ stress response and revert to its natural healing state. This state allows blood pressure, breathing rate and other vital processes to normalise and regenerate. This therapeutically induced ‘alpha state’ not only promotes a feeling of calm and relaxation, but is also crucial in creating new behaviour.

The following statements are typical of patients returning for the second or third Bowen treatment. ‘I don’t know what it is, but I just feel better in myself’.

‘I feel somehow lighter, as if a heavy cloak has been lifted from my shoulders’.

‘I slept like a log after treatment and woke up feeling life was worth living’.

‘All of a sudden, I seem to know what I want/need to do and I’m making big decisions about things now.’

Bowen therapy, introduced to the UK from Australia in the 1990’s, aims to balance the whole person, not just symptoms.

Practically any problem can potentially be addressed, with many clients enjoying significant relief in as few as 3 treatments.

How Bowen Works



Jean G: While attending an out of town conference I experienced a massive migraine that threatened to keep me in bed for the day. Patty applied some Bowen therapy and by breakfast my nausea and headache had subsided considerably. As the day progressed, I felt much better. I didn't miss out on any of the conference thanks to Bowen therapy.

Pat: Bowen therapy helped reset my body and increase performance of my muscles. Therefore, entire body functionality. Relief!!